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Theo Elker - Projets


My projects combine the love to Brittany with photography, music, film and art. Most of all I like projects that I can share with other creatives and friends.

Theo Elker - Penn ar Bed

End of the World

The idea of a photobook of the North Finistère dates back to 2020 and was finalized in 2022. Atmospheric images and accompanying lyrical texts thematise the breton end of the world ... or rather, its beginning  at the Mer d'Iroise.

first edition out of print


Red Cardell ‘Climatik’

Over the years, various music clips from life concerts had been created for the breton group Red Cardell.  I was delighted to be asked to help design the cover and media presence for the new album "Climatik" in 2021. The pretty cows from Ploudalmézeau were the models. Thanks to Fil Bar !

Theo Elker - Pochette de Climatik - Red Cardell
Theo Eleker - Pont der Recouvrance - Brest BREST

Reflect & Reflexion

And if the images of Brittany are reflected?
This project creates graphic reflections and
a new sight at familiar places and objects.


Rike+Erik 'Contact'

In 2014, as part of the work on the film project 'Mer ma Bro', a first cooperation with the German composer and musician RIKE took place. The successful collaboration continued with the creation of the album 'Contact'.
The pictorial interpretation of a photo of the swell on the beach of Pors ar Vag in Plomodiern, Finistère, formed the canvas for the cover of RIKE & ERIK's atmospheric electronic music. Thank you !

Theo Elker - Pochette Contact de RIKEERIK
Theo Elker & Perine Dourel
cartes postales

Dialog with Périne

One day I found a delightful, poetic comment under one of my photos. To my surprise, it came from the pen of the writer Périne Dourel. Over time, the exchange of image and word continued into a lively dialog. Nothing could be more natural than to honour these fruits of the unusual collaboration in a set of printed postcards. Thank you Périne !

Mail for you - click !

video - zeitzuzeit

Rainer Maria Rilke

The German trio 'zeitzuzeit' interprets selected texts by mostly old lyricists in interplay with specially composed music and dresses the poems in a new, more modern garb. When the words of the poem "Vor lauter Lauschen und Staunen" by Rainer Maria Rilke harmonise well with my Breton images of the forest of Stangala and the Île de Sein, the result is a new collaboration, a fascinating video and an unexpected bow to the beauty of Brittany. Thank you zeitzuzeit!

Rainer Maria Rilke
For mere listening and wondering be still


For mere listening and wondering be still,

you my deep-deep life;

so you'll know what the wind wants with you

before even the birches tremble.

And once silence has spoken to you,

let your sensing prevail.


To each breath surrender, yield,

It will love you and cradle you.


And then, my soul, be wide, be wide,

that your life may succeed,

spread yourself out like a festive robe

over the sensing things.


Cliché de Zef

I do always have a nice picture for Zef! What a pleasure to offer a photo and to publish it in Le Télegramme. Here is an example of a photo of the Kermorvan lighthouse in Le Conquet. The title 'After the rain a nice fire in the West'.

Kermorvan . Le Conquet
Theo Elker - Cliché de Zef
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